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Ellen Khodakivska

Life succeeds when you take it as a game!

The author of "The Everlasting Dance", "The Hidden Pocket", "The Watchmaker," "Cat Josef"


"The White Water"



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The Everlasting Dance

The Hidden Pocket

The Watchmaker:A Clock Can Talk

Josef The Writer's Cat


"The White Water"



Basé sur une histoire vraie, le roman est écrit en anglais mais très facile à lire. L’auteur nous fait voyager dans le temps en Italie 1900 à nos jours.

Kim Chi Pho, the author of "Sista"

Ellen proved that a passion can be turned into fabulous results, and also clocks indeed can talk. Can't wait to read more books from the author.

This story will tug at your heartstrings and more than once you will shed tears in sadness or frustration made greater by the fact that this is a true accounting. If we are all fortunate to share our dance, it is a lesson never to take such a blessing for granted. 

John Kolesa, the author of "Tales of the Lianshi"

In The Press



     When I was a little girl, I settled cozily on the soft carpet with a dozen toys around me. I could spend hours telling them my numerous stories. (At least my mom described it like this.)

    As soon as I learned to write, I started writing. My glorious mom managed to keep almost all my notes. Sure, most of them are too childish, immature, and just funny, but they prove that I firmly decided to be a writer since my early childhood.

      Since then, I am living my dream. My mom and husband usually say that there is a bottomless ocean of stories inside me. The stories that can’t wait to see the world. Writing is my life, and despite all the challenges, obstacles, and storms, I’ll keep on writing even if there is only one person left who anticipates reading my next book.

      I’m a mom of little Nik, an avid reader, animal lover, traveler, and tea drinker. I’m an author who loves my life and shares its milestones with the people I love the most!


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